Net Project, thanks to the professionalism and experience of its staff, ensures reliable performance and support, in full compliance with existing standards and in line with the rapid technological changes that the world of telecommunications has daily.
In particular it offers:


The term "structured wiring" means the laying of fibre and copper cables that reach all offices and / or sites that are necessary and certificates on one or more cabinet’s concentration. The cables will be placed in suitable conduits and terminated at the ends of wall outlets or panel. Using the appropriate straps will connect the cables from one party to a merger and other apparatus to a user (computer, apparatus or more concentration).
Structured cabling is an important step forward in communications, giving users the freedom to connect devices manufactured by different suppliers. It also lets you use the same network for several separate systems such as telephones, control devices, computers, etc ...


Optical fibers are the preferred method in communication systems with high speed and their large-scale use. One of the many advantages of fiber optics is the transmission of signals via light waves that are virtually impervious to interference. In LAN applications, optical fibers are divided into multimode and single-mode and differ in speed and distance.
Net Project is able to provide drafting and pluggable solutions with both instruments for testing and final testing.


Are key elements of video communication and consist of devices specifically designed and built to handle real-time transmission of audio and video signals in the presence of a low bandwidth.
Net Project is able to install such systems, essential for those who have the need for collaboration / remote meetings, distance learning, tele-education and tele-work.

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